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Meet Cam & Lainey, Owners of Death Grip Donuts

Owners: Cam and Lainey Instagram: Death Grip Donuts

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Cam and Lainey joined Food Truck University within a few weeks of its inception. Cam had just left his career as a welder, and purchased a food truck. He instantly came into FTU asking questions to help set him up for success. Check out his interview below.

How long have you been a welder?

I’ve spent the last 13 years in the natural gas pipeline industry. I quit my 6 figure income to free up time to start this food truck adventure. I sold all my equipment and burned all my bridges in the industry. I'm currently working full-time as an inspector for the gas company with a set schedule M-F. 

What was your aha moment - I want to start a food truck?

I’ve always loved donuts, it’s been something I’ve enjoyed for awhile; traveling around the country and finding the best local spots.  In 2022, I got a call from my mom that my favorite

shop in Florida was selling their business. I quickly started thinking about how I could come up with half a million dollars to do something completely off the wall, and buy these 2 locations and a food trailer with 14 employees. While trying to convince Lainey to be all on board… She knocked some sense into me and brought me back to reality and told me, "Hey, you’ve never ran your own business. This could quickly ruin our lives and flop." She was not on board with the ideas of donuts. She didn’t see my wild dream.  But, nevertheless she started digging and seeing other parts of the country with success and she knew then we were onto something.  So, we decided against the business and opted for the food truck and to create our own brand and story. Death Grip was born. 

Where are you NOW?!

We’ve currently been open since August 23’ as a part-time gig with aspirations of running it full-time over the next year.  We’ve grown our following from 400 to 5.5K with Lainey being our social media creator. Her vision to be able to run in any direction is remarkable and she is a KILLER with all clients she takes on to bring their presence online to the next level. 

We’ve been featured on the radio. Newspaper and across social media. 

We have started a regular following from loyal customers who come to nearly every pop up or festival we attend, The Death Grip Cult is what I like to call it.

As well as picking up several corporate events sprinkled in-between our scheduled events. 

We will be looking to expand into several locations across the States as we iron out everything and create something truly special over the next few years is our big goal. 

What's been the BIGGEST highlight with Death Grip Donuts thus far?!

The biggest highlight is seeing the smiles on peoples faces when you hand them a box of our creations. From a wild idea in my head to the concept is truly crazy to watch it grow. With zero experience in the food industry it’s our Passion Project which is an even cooler thing to share. We love bringing people together to enjoy these Donuts to Die For.

Follow Cam and Lainey's food truck journey on Facebook or Instagram.

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