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"My personal mission is to highlight food truck owners. You know, the ones that are hidden gems, but their culinary skills could be featured on Top Chef."

Hi there! I am Misti Buard, and most people know me as "The Food Truck Lady".  During the summer of 2013, I fell head over heels in love with food trucks. There is one particular truck, Bobby Que, that I followed all over Houston. His barbecue and his homemade sauce were addictive. I gained 15-20lbs chasing him around that year.

After falling in love with his food truck, I had an aha moment. I began to think of ways that I could bring positive exposure to the food truck community.  Unfortunately, some people don't see the beauty in food trucks - how they're able to express so much creativity in small spaces, but I wanted to show the world that food trucks often times have some of the most creative chefs you'll ever meet. So, I started an "Instablog" titled Tasting & Talking.  No matter where I traveled, I scheduled time to stop at a local food truck (or two, or three!), try their food, and meet their chef.

The stories that the food truck owners shared inspired me, and I wanted to share that inspiration with the world. As I continued to blog about food trucks and their unique menus, I realized that I wanted to combine my love of food trucks with my love of marketing. Enhancing events using food trucks became something I began to think about day and night. I wanted to infuse late night eats with marketing events, weddings, festivals, you name it! And, that's how Brand Appétit was born. 

- Misti B.-