...because food trucks speak louder than billboards

​​Brand Appétit is a boutique marketing agency that partners with brands who want to utilize community engagement to increase their brand awareness. We work with brands who want to give back to the community in fun, creative, and interactive ways. Brands who partner with us are looking for a unique + non-traditional way to promote themselves.


Our founder, Misti Buard, has 17 years of marketing experience and absolutely has an affinity for food. She began working as a Marketing Assistant 15 years ago for an organic food company and was responsible for representing the company at the annual Fancy Foods Show in New York and San Francisco. This experience served as the catalyst to her successful marketing career in the food industry.


Her passion for entrepreneurship was recognized by Beyoncé’s philanthropic brand, BeyGood, making her 1 of 5 grant recipients in Houston.  And, because of her passion for food + marketing, she was able to lead her team to victory on season 13 of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. In 2021, she was asked to host a talk show, Good Morning with Misti B. The show allowed her to promote underrepresented chefs with superb culinary skills. 


Misti's desire is to duplicate the same success as an advocate for the community. She began feeding the homeless at the age of six with her mom and will continue to serve the community through Brand Appétit and its partners.

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“I was so young, I was only allowed to hand out bread. But, I will never forget the gratitude on the faces of the people who were so happy to have a hot meal."

Misti B.