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Marketing Strategist | Food Truck Advocate

My love story with food trucks began in 2013. I was leaving a Memorial Day weekend party when I met the owner of Bobby Que’s food truck. He was sampling an amazing sauce that he’d created to compliment his fried shrimp—and the shrimp and sauce were absolutely delicious! I chased Bobby Que around all summer and gained 15 lbs while doing so.


At that time, I was still working as a Marketing Manager in corporate America, but I knew that I wanted to be more involved in the food truck community. Eventually, I quit my job and began working with Billy Flannagan, former owner of D’Lish Curbside food truck. Over the next few years, I learned all that I could about food trucks by interviewing them, assisting with their marketing strategy, planning community food truck festivals, entering food trucks into competitions and scheduling media interviews for owners.


Since then, I’ve worked with food trucks to feed the homeless, spoken at conferences about how food trucks can boost economies, and won $50,000 on Season 13 of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.


I'm a food truck enthusiast. I love their creativity, their spirit, and their passion for bringing delicious food to the streets. To me, food trucks are more than just a place to get some tasty eats—they're an experience!

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My goal is simple: Encourage and inspire every food truck owner I connect with, while showing them how to implement simple, yet effective marketing tactics.

Misti B.
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