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Her last gift from her son was a food truck

My client Eboni, owner of Food Fiens Food Truck, has truly left me speechless. During our meeting last Monday, I could tell that she wasn't focused. I asked her where was her mind and she mentioned that her son's birthday was coming up soon. (Her son died last year at the age of 22.)

It was very clear to me that we should cancel the meeting, and I picked up the phone to call my prayer partner. I drove Eboni across town and for 2 hours we listened to her talk, shed tears, and prayed over her.

She recently started her food truck and has had tons of success. However, that success can never replace the pain in her heart. Every day she gets up, takes care of her children, her husband and her grandchildren. She then ventures off to the food truck, and she is smiling as much as she possibly can.

The food truck was a gift from her deceased son. Unfortunately, he didn't see the food truck come to fruition because it was still in the process of being built. Eboni's sales are phenomenal, her food tastes good, and though she told me there are days that she wants to quit....she keeps moving.

I write this blog to encourage anyone...accomplish your dreams while you have time. You'll never know who you are inspiring.

P.S. Check out her reviews from Door Dash.

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