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Community Engagement

Cox Pradia Law Firm

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The Cox Pradia Law Firm, PLLC was ready to embark on an adventure that included giving back to the community, so they teamed up with Brand Appétit and we coordinated a plan that included feeding the homeless and gifting each individual with a "blessing bag". Each bag included a pillow, throw blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, winter hats, and snacks. We couldn't just give blessing bags without providing food. What did we decide on? We thought, "When was the last time someone apart of the homeless community was treated to brunch?" The Brunch Bus Food Truck prepared waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage and grits for each individual. We couldn't pass out mimosas (unfortunately), but each blessing bag was filled with juice.

Over 75 brunch plates were given to the community, along with 50 blessing bags. Members of the homeless community asked the attorneys' of Cox Pradia Law Firm questions about their personal situations. The genuine gratitude that was expressed, as well as the ability to connect to with the homeless community left everyone with a smile on their face.

Culinary Marketing

Rodeo Uncorked! Best Bites Competition

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Each year the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show hosts Rodeo Uncorked "Best Bites" competition. There are over 100 Houston restaurants competing for the title of "Best Bite", and yes...even food trucks compete. Bayou City Eats Food Truck was invited to compete, and in order to win the title of "Best Bites" they partnered with Brand Appétit to create a marketing strategy that would  ensure that they stood out among the other food trucks. We served over 300 samples of  Seared Shrimp with Herbed Grits. Our promotional team kept the audience smiling with their excellent customer service skills...and the shrimp and grits definitely helped.

After competing for four hours against five other food trucks, Bayou City Eats culinary skills paired with our marketing strategy led the team to victory. Bayou City Eats Food Truck won first place and received the
Trail Boss Food Truck Award.

Personalized Food Truck

It's my party, I can have a food truck if I want too!

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#iHeartHannah It was Hannah Banana's second birthday and her parents wanted to make it unforgettable. They chose Brand Appétit to personalize a food truck and personalize a menu that provided sweet treats to the birthday guests. The guests were amazed as they walked up to the food truck with Hannah's photos. Even Hannah was amazed to see herself (check out the second photo!).

The project started with designing the food truck. Which was super fun! Her parents already chosen a theme, "Hannah's Fairytale Party", so we hired fairies to assist the party guests while we prepared our customized desserts (cotton candy, cupcakes and cookies). The best part was seeing the kids smile and repeatedly ask Hannah if this was her food truck :).

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