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food truck?

- 7 Stories from 7 Different Food Truck Owners -

"Before you spend $50,000 on a food truck, read this $19 e-book, so you can avoid the most common mistakes!"

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After working with food trucks over the past 10 years (including having my own), I noticed that so many people spend $50,000-$75,000 on a food truck before shadowing a food truck owner or getting hands-on experience. This e-book shares the real-life stories of 7 different food truck owners from different parts of the United States. They share the lessons they’ve learned, what they wish they’d known before starting a food truck, and where they are now. The book also includes takeaways, and the necessary links to get you to the next level with your food truck dream.

This book was created to inspire and inform aspiring food truck owners. Before spending $50,000 on a food truck, read this book -- and make an informed decision. After reading it, ask yourself, "Do I have what it takes to not only start a food truck, but to manage and be profitable in the industry?"

So, you think you want to own a food truck? 





Reading the real-time stories are motivating! I believe In the words of “you are only facing what other men have met.” The bigger picture that I see is finding your niche and polishing that gift. This book is a great resource.  The checklist at the end of the ebook was very helpful!

I read your ebook Friday night! It was a good read. It was enlightening. There were so many takeaways. I definitely learned some new strategies. Tell the food truck owners, thank you for their honesty!

This book taught me to never give up. I also learned not to be afraid when it comes to dealing with my business. 

More importantly, I learned that it takes money to make money.

Eboni B., Current Food Truck Owner

Kitty T., Aspiring Food Truck Owner

Jordal G., Aspiring Food Truck Owner

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