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Community Engagement

What is community engagement?
Community engagement is simple. It's connecting to the people. Our superpower is creating events and programs that connect small and large businesses with the community.

Associating your company with great causes allows consumers to see your brand in a positive light. Consumers want to know about your work in the community. It makes them feel better about doing business with you.

Positive Branding & Free Publicity

Socially conscious businesses are more likely to receive positive publicity. All it takes is one influential blogger or reporter to hear your story. You could receive more free coverage than you could pay for.

Differentiate Your Business
Operating a socially responsible business will set you apart from your competition. Helping to support organizations in your community will earn consumer trust and loyalty.

Culinary Marketing & Publicity

Are you a Chef or Restaurant Owner who is looking to connect
with more food lovers?  We create food experiences for culinary creators (food truck owners, chefs, restaurants, etc.) that connect them to food lovers.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Food Photography

  • Menu Creation

  • Tastemakers Events

  • Media Kit

  • Media Opportunities 

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Book a Food Truck

What better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding, party, or corporate event than with a food truck? The mobility of a food truck allows guests to grab & go, which is perfect during the pandemic.

What can you expect when booking a food truck with us?

  • We only work with food trucks that provide excellent service

  • We assist with customizing the menu for your event
  • We ensure the food truck has the proper permits
  • Customize/Personalize food truck for your event
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