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Top 3 Reasons I started The Food Truck University

If I received a $1 every single time someone mentioned that they wanted to start a food truck, I wouldn't be rich...but I'd be well off! Lol!! Seriously, so many people inquire about starting a food truck, and I want to help each of them.. however, some may not be able to afford $500 for a month of consultations. So, God gave me the idea to start The Food Truck University at a low cost ($7/per month).

Here's why I started it:

  1. In 2016, there were twins who spent close to $100,000 on a food truck. Only to be in operations for 3 months. Why? Because they LOVED the idea of owning a truck, but they had no idea how to actually run the truck and ensure it was profitable. Also, the summer heat kicked their BUTTs, and they decided to sell their truck.

  2. People need and want community! I've had the pleasure of talking with food truck owners in Atlanta, Houston, New York, New Mexico, Seattle, Portland, Australia, The Netherlands, Canda, etc. We are missing community! So, I decided..let's create a hub for aspiring food truck owners AND food truck owners. An online group where people can ask questions any time of day, and get real-life answers.

  3. Google and Youtube are amazing, but they can only take you so far! When wanting to start a food truck, you can go to your local county's mobile health department and they are going to give you a 50 page packet of gibberish. Let's chat with real humans (who are helpful), and learn how to navigate the county and the paperwork : )

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