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In 2013, I fell in love with food trucks. I was leaving a day party Memorial Day weekend, and a food truck by the name of Bobby Que (can you guess what was on his menu?!), was passing out samples of a new sauce he'd made. He wanted our feedback. I fell in love with his sauce and found his location every weekend. It was a fun-filled summer!

My passion for chefs runs very deeply, but I have an affinity for food truckers. Because of that affinity, I want to take every single thing I have learned in the 10 years that I've worked with food trucks (and even had my own for a short stint) and teach each of you have to be sustainable + profitable. It's definitely going to take some work...but with the right tools you can and will be successful (if you apply the lessons learned).

A few fun facts about me 1. I launched a crowdfunding campaign in October 2017 to get my food truck started. I was able to raise $18,000.

(P.S. I only used the food truck for marketing promotions.) A local event planner hired me to create a marketing promotion to promote her business. She was planning a party for a 2 year old, and she wanted to use the photo's of the birthday girl to promote her biz.

2. My team and I won $50,000 on Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race!

We filmed during the winter months in Alaska. OMG! Let's just say... it was freezing. Click here to hear me scream when I opened the box and saw the!

3. I believe in creating vision boards and doing the work.

I had a desire to work with Beyoncé. I loved her philanthropic brand, BeyGood. My goal was to have her hire me to brand a food truck for BeyGood and go into the community and pass out food to the less fortunate. I created a mock-up in PhotoShop of her food truck and placed it on my vision board.

Well, she never hired me.. but, while filming The Great Food Truck Race in Alaska, I received an email that I was 1 of 5 businesses in Houston to receive a $10,000 grant from BeyGood. (I didn't think it was real. I remember asking my teammate to read the email for me..I thought I was making it up.)

Those are a few facts about me, but I'd love to hear more about you and your journey into food! With love,

Misti B.

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