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What is your favorite item on a “soul” food menu: Money or Integrity?

I pride myself on being a “spirit” woman. What does that mean? It means that if something doesn’t feel right for my spirit or my soul, I usually disconnect.

Recently, I found myself working on a project that did not feel good to my soul. In actuality, it actually caused a few sleepless nights and there were also days where I did not have an

appetite. The question is…why didn’t I honor what I was feeling and end the project? Was it the money?

My truth is, I honestly thought I’d exceed

the expectations on this project and kick ass, so I completely ignored my gut..and for what?

Learning life lessons (and applying them) is something I often think about. Here are a few lessons I learned on this project.

Lesson #1: Honor yourself at all times. Never dishonor yourself to exceed a personal goal or a financial goal.

Lesson #2: Communicate effectively. Speaking your truth is a MUST in your everyday life.

Lesson #3: Self-awareness is a must. If you aren’t aware of self, how do you know what you’re truly feeling.

These are just a few thoughts as I continue on this entrepreneurial journey.

With love,

Misti B.

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