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Pedal Pleasure Bike

"Miss Camelia"

We enjoy making your events unforgettable, and a bicycle that serves drinks will do just that! The Pedal

Pleasure Bike is a BYO bicycle. The bike has two taps so you can serve champagne, wine or your favorite mixed drink that you make at home.

We can help you decide on beverage calculations as well as the best way to decorate the bike for your event. 



Pedal Pleasure Bike - Basic.heic

Pedal Package

  • 3-4 hours of service

  • A bartender

  • (2) Taps for service

  • Drinkware 

  • Menu Sign

Balloon Cigar Bar.heic

Pleasure Package

  • 8 hours of service

  • A bartender

  • (2) Taps for service

  • Drinkware

  • Menu Sign


Decor + More

Balloon Garland
Small - 
$75/ Large - $170

Add an additional hour:

Add an additional bartender:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of events would we recommend for the Pedal Pleasure Bike?
The Pedal Pleasure Bike is perfect for outdoor events or event venues. The bike can be setup in your backyard, in front of a venue or inside of a venue.

Do you supply the alcohol?

Due to the laws in the state of Texas we can not provide the alcohol for any event. You or your event venue can provide the alcohol that will be dispensed from the bike.


What types of drinks can you serve from the bike?

We can pour wine, champagne or your custom cocktail into our kegs and serve at your event.

Can you help me calculate how much alcohol I will need for my event?

Yes! Tell us how many people you're expecting at your event, and we will calculate how much alcohol needs to be provided.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the greater Houston area (including surrounding areas). 

Does the bike fit into most spaces?

The bike can fit through almost every doorway, and is approximately 30 inches wide by 6 feet long.


How do I book?

Start by sending us an email at our contact page and we can get started.