The first time I worked with a food truck marketing campaign.

The first time I worked with a food truck marketing campaign.


brand appétit® was started out of a passion for food trucks and creativity by Misti Buard in 2018. Also known as "The Food Truck Lady",  she found a solution that allows companies to fuse great food, food trucks, and branding strategies by creating unique food truck activations and marketing campaigns.

Whether it's a large brand looking to break into a new market or a company looking to create some buzz for a new product, food truck marketing is a great alternative.


In 2014 I fell in love….with food trucks. For every city that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, the local food truck community was always the highlight. I’ve had some of the most creative mouth-watering fusion dishes that the food truck industry has to offer.  Every city is different; the vibe, the culture and cuisine, how the happy customers socialized around the food truck nodding and smiling with approval. One thing I noticed that every food truck experience had in common was how it connected the community in such a way that the food + the social interaction + the branding on the trucks = my love for food trucks. 

I worked in marketing for several years, starting out an organic sweetener company, a law firm, and later, an entertainment agency.  Not only did I love the marketing industry, but I was very good at it. I decided to take my experience in marketing and branding and pair it with my love for food trucks.  

For a short while I worked as a Publicist for an entertainment agency and Walt Disney Pictures was one of the agency’s clients. Walt Disney Pictures decided to brand a food truck to promote the movie Frozen. To increase awareness about the upcoming move, the food truck was driven across the country. At each location popsicles and Frozen themed coloring books were given to children. The children were in awe, and enjoyed taking pictures with Olaf.

After reliving my experience with the Frozen themed food truck, I called a few marketing and public relations specialists and asked if this concept could enhance their clients image or drive sales. The answer was yes. This is how brand appétit® was born.